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The Blair County Assessment Office information page is meant to help you understand property assessment and provide you resources to conduct additional research.

General Information

The Blair County Assessment Office is primarily responsible for the valuation of real property for ad valorem (at value) tax purposes, including the management of all property characteristic and ownership records. Our office does not establish the real estate taxes; we are responsible for the valuation of all real property in Blair County. We also administer the Homestead Farmstead Exclusion Program and Clean and Green program. The Assessment Office maintains a listing and valuation inventory of approximately 65,500 parcels within Blair County.

Property assessment determinations are made by certified assessors. The goal is to properly determine the market value, known as the assessed value, of a given property. This assessed value is then used in conjunction with the millage rates set by the taxing authorities (county, school districts and municipalities) to determine the property taxes owed.

Blair County is considered a 5th Class County as described by Assessment law. Governed by the Consolidated County Assessment Law, a three-member Board for the purpose of hearing Assessment Appeals is required. Appeals may be undertaken every year when filed by August 1, with results effective starting on January 1 of the following year. In addition, an appeal may be filed within 40 days of an assessment change notice issued by our office due to a change of the assessed value.

Personal Property Access

Review your property data and valuation details online. Click the link below then enter your control # and password that are printed on the back of your County Real Estate Tax Notice (tax bill) under the heading Assessment Information.

If you need to research properties other than your own, you can use the kiosk computers in the Assessment office for free or purchase a subscription to research at your convenience. You can find more information on subscription pricing in the link below.

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Repairs, Improvements and Site Visits

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New Parcel Number Structure Information

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Assessment Office

423 Allegheny St.
Suite 041
Hollidaysburg, PA 16648

Phone: (814) 693-3110
Fax: (814) 693-3115

Chief Assessor

DeAnna Heichel

Deputy Chief Assessor

Wendy Pielmeier