Adult Probation & Parole Office


8:00 AM until 4:00 PM – Monday through Friday (Excluding Holidays)


ARD/PWV/Pretrial Diversion Program Unit
General Supervision Unit
Sex Offender & High Risk Offender Unit
Transfer Coordinator (Intercounty Transfers and Interstate Compact)
Specialty Courts Unit (IPP Drug Court, Diversion Program, Re-Entry Program, DUI Court)
Electronic Monitoring & Technical Services
Transitional Program Coordinator (Pre-Parole Investigations)
Forensic Case Management/Resource Coordination
Bail Supervision
Web based reporting service for low risk offenders
Referrals to Treatment Agencies and Community Service.

Currently supervising 2400 plus clients.

Blair County has a separate office for collections: Contact the Costs, Fines and Restitution Collection Department (814) 693-3200.

For Offenders on “State Parole”, contact the Altoona District Office of the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole at (814) 946-7357.

Mission Statement

We are committed to the purpose of ensuring public safety and fostering confidence and trust in everyone.  

We embrace the value of educating our community, our clients, and ourselves.

We will actively assist our clients to achieve their highest potential through strategies that encourage investment in their communities their families and themselves



Blair County Courthouse
423 Allegheny Street
Suite 330
Hollidaysburg, PA 16648

Voice: (814) 693-3190

Fax: (814) 695-0483